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What are the ways to supplement milk thistle extract?

Milk thistle is a herbaceous plant belonging to the genus Milk thistle. Its flowers are reddish-purple. It has been used as medicine (seed or fruit part) for more than 2,000 years. It has the title of "Patron of the Liver".

Among them, silymarin is the main component of today's milk thistle supplements. In addition to the most common liver protection effects (hangover relief, hepatitis, toxin elimination), it also has potential anti-inflammatory, immune regulation, and other effects.

Silymarin can protect our liver cells, help the liver to operate without being affected by poisons, and improve liver function. Especially in the hot summer now, a complex diet makes us more prone to constipation, the burden on the liver is heavier, and we are more susceptible to the influence of toxic substances. Milk Thistle Extract 10:1 powder can protect our liver cells.

In addition to improving liver function and protecting liver cells, silymarin, an extract of milk thistle, can also help us prevent liver damage in daily life and reduce the damage caused by bad habits such as staying up late and drinking alcohol in daily life.

How to supplement the beneficial ingredients of milk thistle?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, milk thistle can be drunk by soaking in water. However, unpurified milk thistle extract is difficult to be absorbed and utilized by the human body, so the best way to eat it is to choose milk thistle extract products.



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