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What does the anti-sugar that everyone is advocating mean?

Why we need anti-sugar, and how to fight against sugar is not very clear to everyone, so today, let's learn about the reasons for anti-sugar.

1. Why do we need to fight sugar

Our bodies have certain enzymes that can convert and digest sugars, but when there are too many sugars, the enzymes cannot metabolize them. First, on the skin side, AGEs, a yellow-brown product, is derived from a combination of sugars and proteins.

Secondly, in terms of the body, because too much sugar cannot be metabolized, it can only be converted into fat and accumulated in the body. Over time, the weight and the flesh on the body will continue to increase, resulting in obesity. In addition, it will also affect the concentration of blood sugar, disturb the metabolism of insulin and carbohydrates, and induce diabetes.

So anti-sugar is very helpful to our health.

2. How to fight sugar

Virtually all food is broken down into simple sugars, mostly glucose and fructose, with small amounts of other sugars as well. Our anti-sugar is mainly to reduce the intake of sugar that the body cannot process, also known as free sugar, such as sucrose, maltose, and artificially purified and transformed sweeteners.

At the same time, in addition to reducing the intake of sugar, the intake of carbohydrates also needs to be controlled, because carbohydrates are also composed of sugar, and they will become monosaccharides after entering the body. That's why fighting sugar also requires cutting out some carbs.

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