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What is sub-health? How to judge whether you are in a sub-health state?

Sub-health is a kind of living state of people, which is in the middle state of health and morbidity. Sub-health exists in large numbers in the current society. Common sub-health manifestations include emotional instability, memory loss, slow thinking, unresponsiveness, easy fatigue, and low sleep quality.

Reasons for sub-health:

Unreasonable diet, lack of exercise, irregular work and rest, lack of sleep, mental stress, high psychological pressure, long-term negative emotions, etc.

How to judge whether you are in sub-health?

1. Physical aspects can be manifested as fatigue and weakness, muscle and joint pain, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, etc.;

2. Psychological aspects can be manifested as depression, upset, restlessness, memory loss, inability to concentrate, etc.;

3. In terms of social interaction, it may be manifested that they cannot undertake the corresponding social roles well, and have difficulties in work and study.



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