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What's the difference between a muscle-building meal and a fat-loss meal?

Fitness meals can be divided into fat-reducing meals and muscle-building meals. So, what is the difference between fat-reducing meals and muscle-building meals, and how should you eat them?

1. Different calorie intake

The metabolic activities of people who gain muscle during fitness will be higher than usual. The calorie intake will be increased by 10%-15% compared with the usual day, and the calories will be increased by about 300-400 kcal in order to meet the nutritional needs of the body and promote muscle repair.

For people who lose fat, they need to carry out a fat-reducing meal plan and control their calorie intake reasonably, so as to create a larger caloric gap for the body and promote the decrease of body fat rate.

2. Different nutrition

During muscle building, the scientific ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is 5:3:2. Protein can supplement the body with amino acid raw materials and promote muscle synthesis. Therefore, we must pay attention to protein supplementation.

During fat loss, usually eat more vegetables to improve satiety, and supplement the staple food appropriately. The staple food is rich in carbohydrates. We can combine coarse and fine grains to reduce the glycemic coefficient, prolong the satiety time, and inhibit fat accumulation.

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