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Why is L-carnitine taking the weight management market by storm?

L-carnitine is an amino acid that promotes the conversion of fat into energy. L-carnitine supplementation mainly relies on exogenous supplementation, and the importance of carnitine supplementation is no less than that of supplementing vitamins and minerals.

Application areas of L-carnitine:

At present, L-carnitine has been used in the fields of medicine, health care, and food, and has been stipulated as a legal multi-purpose nutritional agent by Switzerland, France, the United States, and the World Health Organization.


Importance of L-Carnitine:

L-carnitine is a key substance in the process of fat metabolism, which can promote the oxidative decomposition of fatty acids into mitochondria. During prolonged high-intensity exercise, L-carnitine increases the rate of fat oxidation, reduces glycogen consumption, and delays fatigue.

Red meat is the main source of L-carnitine, which has no toxic side effects on the human body!

However, it should be noted that L-carnitine is not a weight loss drug. Its main function is to transport fat to mitochondria for burning, which is a carrier enzyme. If you want to lose weight with L-carnitine, you must cooperate with appropriate exercise and control your diet.



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