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How does arbutin produce the whitening effect?

Whether it is tanning, acne marks, or pigmented spots, it is generally caused by melanin in the body, which we generally call pigmentation. The whitening principle of arbutin is to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase, thereby reducing the production of melanin in the body, thereby whitening. The breakdown of melanin tends to be stable, and when its production decreases, you will slowly turn white.

There are generally two categories of arbutin used in whitening products:

α-Arbutin: The price is expensive, about 8 times that of β-Arbutin, but the whitening effect is better, and the whitening ability is about 15 times that of β-Arbutin.

β-Arbutin: Inexpensive and moderately effective.

Do arbutin products also need to be protected from light?

Generally, arbutin has photosensitivity when the concentration exceeds 7%, but it is forbidden to add it to this concentration in general skin care products. It only needs to be added to about 3% to have an effect, so it is not necessary to use it in the dark.



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