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How to choose skincare products that contain plant extracts

First of all, we need to look at the ingredient list of skincare products to see if there are plant extracts.

Some merchants will decorate their ingredient list under the banner of "pure plant extraction". It is possible that plant extracts only account for 0.01% of the total ingredients, just to get a gimmick of plant extraction.

Secondly, we need to check the proportion of plant extracts among the top 10 ingredients of skincare products? The higher the proportion, the more plant ingredients, and the closer it is to plant skincare. If there is no plant ingredient in the top 10 ingredients, then the skin care product must be chemically synthesized, and there are no plant extracts.

At present, there are no 100% pure plant-extracted skincare products on the market, and 100% pure plant extracts are not skincare products but juice.



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